Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still MIA...Almost baby time...

Hello Loves!
 So I know a few people have been on my case lately. No I have not abandoned this blog. We are still live and in full effect. As you guys know I have been going through it with my pregnancy. It has been pretty rough on my body and I had to stop working and I have basically been on watch for over a month now. We are now safely at 38 weeks and fella number 2 is due any day. Anyway I have quite a few things I'm excited to show you guys and share with you and just get back to blogging. I really miss blogging and doing things for you all so I will be back soon. I have redone my logo and been looking into different ways to get business in so I can have some fresh work to show you. I have a lot of fall and winter stuff to share with you guys that I am really excited about. So I was just taking a moment out to apologize for my absence and let you guys know I will have some new exciting things up in the next few weeks. Thank you guys for bearing with me and being patient. Love you guys and I'll be back soon. Until next time...Smooches!