Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Hello Loves!
  So here it is that time of year when people are decorated and filled with cheer. Oh wait not cheer. I believe the right word would be terror! Okay that was super corny. Sorry about that guys. It is that time of year again folks to dress up like you never would normally and get free candy. I love the free candy part. That's right Halloween is here again. So what are you going as this year? I think I may go as a doll. No not a scary one. But I can take it there if I wanted to. I think I may do a favorites lookbook for you guys of the looks I saw that were my favorite this year. Please share your Halloween looks with me on my new facebook page! I made this page for you guys so you can be interactive with me. Send me inspiration pictures and I'll do some step by step tutorials as well. Also if you have tried any look from this blog or one you made up yourself I would love to see it. So don't be a stranger loves ;). Love you all and until next time...Smooches!

Falling in love with Fall

Hello Loves!
  Fall is finally here! I love autumn with the leaves changing color and the weather getting cooler. All the delicious smells that come around thanksgiving time and food. This to me is the greatest time of year. We can finally break out the cute boots and jackets and gloves and layer to our liking. Not to mention, we can get into the cooler colors and do more sultry eyes because it fits so perfect into the season. And what are some trends we are seeing this season you ask. Let's check it out.
Luminous Skin:
   The no makeup, makeup look. You want to keep your palette simple and clean for this one leaving the colorful fun stuff out. Browns, gold and carmel's are what makes this look subtle yet beautiful. Keep your skin nice clean with very little contour and highlight. On the eyes use your golds and browns just bringing out the crease a bit without over exaggerating it. Use a nice nude on the lip or a rich red or pink to make it pop. I love this look. It's super simple and can be done for an everyday look through out the year.
Smokey Eyes:
    Now it is indeed a fact that I cannot stand the smokey eye. All year long I see women with smokey eyes or black eyes looking either dead or tired and just plain bad. However, when we get into the fall and winter season a smokey eye done well can make you look bold, sexy and edgy. It is a great way to compliment the cooler tones you will be wearing this season. To do a great smokey eye you must first powder under the eye. This way the fall out you have will be easier to remove. Use a black pencil or paint pot first to make the colors more intense. When you use black shadow it can fall over the course of the day making you look tired so try to avoid using just black and use color instead. Vamp the look up a little by adding glitter or shimmery shadows. Glitter makes everything better so don't be a stranger. Just make sure to remove anything that falls under your eye with a clean spoolie or wipe.
Bold Liner:
    This is my specialty. I love graphic, bold, clean lines on the eyes. It's easy to do and can make you look elegant, sassy, innocent or bad ass. The key to liner is control. If your a beginner a liquid liner pen will do well for you or the pencil. If your more advanced in your skills you may use a cake liner or gel liner. It's a bit more to do but it's not difficult to control. If your a makeup artist or want to be, learn to master all forms of liner. They will come in handy. Study your eye and play with the placement of the lines. You don't have to do a wing all the time. Play around with placement and make lines and see what you like for your eye shape. Keep your lines crisp using concealer and plenty of q-tips.
Bold Brows:
     It's no secret that the thicker your brows are the more innocent you look. When you have a thinner arched brow you look more intense. Think of snow white in terms of brows. The evil queen has severely thin and extremely arched brows. Snow white however, has fuller and straighter brows making her look sweet and young and innocent. I love bold brows with a nice arch that are not to severe. Play with your eyebrows a bit. Fill them in and see how you look. It's an amazing difference how just a little bit of filling in can change your whole look.
Velvet Lips:
     I am so loving this trend. This has been one of my favorite looks to play with. It's so dramatic and sexy without being over bearing. To achieve this you will want to use a dark lip liner. Try a nice plum or red color with a blue undertone to it. Then add a nice deep lipstick over top. Grab a black liner or lipstick and line the lips with it or place it on the outer portion of the lips. You then want to add a bright color just to the center. Blot and powder the lips to make them matte.Voila! You have a matte velvet lip. If you prefer glossy skip the powdering step.
  These are a few things I've seen trending this season and I love it all. I hope you all can play around with these looks and have fun. I will have pictures up soon to give you guys some ideas. If you have any questions please let me know and if you try a look also let me know how it goes I would love to see it. As always love you all and until next time...Smooches!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello Again!!!!

Hi loves!!!
It is official I am finally back! Yaaaay! So I just had my baby on Sept. 10th. He was 6 lbs 9 oz. and 19 in long and we named him Zaaron. Now he's 3 weeks and good and healthy and keeping me on my toes, lol but I'm enjoying it. Rather tired but I'm so ready to get back to blogging. I have pages full of notes that I want to post so I will be getting back in the swing of things soon. I also have tutorials and looks for fall and winter and holiday looks coming up soon so I hope you will enjoy that. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys I miss you all and I hope you enjoy the next posts. Until next time... Smooches!