Monday, March 18, 2013

Going Away...The Revamp

Hello Loves!
 Over the past few months, I have tried to get the ball rolling with my blog. I started this blog last year in hopes of boosting my career and getting my aesthetic across to those interested in my work. That was my initial reason for this blog. Show my work and get potential clients. That hasn't happened. As most of you know i was going through a difficult pregnancy last year. So difficult I could hardly walk some days. In September I gave birth to my second son. It was a rough recovery. Since having him I have tried to get my blog back up and running and get back on my grind. That is slowly happening. Life has taken a real toll on my professional life and its been hard for me even to blog. I take serious time in posting on my blog. I try to make the most professional yet witty blog posts I can. For a while I saw some serious interest. But as my blog has become slow with posts so have readers and followers. I have been wondering if anyone still reads my blog most days. Even with new posts, the response is slim to none and my confidence in this blog has declined. I feel as though I have failed. I failed you guys and myself with my crappy time management. I want so badly to get my career up and running. Fashion and makeup has been all I have been about since I was 5. I went to school for fashion and have a certificate in makeup. I study both as much as possible and strive to be the best i can be. With all that said I will be revamping this blog to be nothing but makeup and have began a new blog called Big Girl Panties strictly for fashion and style. I want to begin fresh with no promises other than I will post at least once a week on both. That's the start. I want to start slow and steady and gain real support and followers and give you guys something to look forward too. I hope you guys will like where I go with the new blogs and haven't given up on me as a blogger. I am trying the best I can and I am constantly striving to be better. Please hang in there with me and watch me grow as a blogger. I love you guys and hope to see you in the second phase. XOXO~F.F.O.F.