Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

Hello Loves!

I have been missing for months for all kinds of reasons. I've had some weddings and changes with people I work with and just I don't know shenanigans. The point is I am back and ready to kick this new blog off. That being said...Welcome to Lipstick and Lashes. I just felt like I needed a change from fat face of fashion and just start over. I was putting a lot into that blog but I didn't feel it was being received like I wanted it to so here we are. This blog will be a severe change from that one. I'm going to give you more of me with this blog and I hope that you guys will like it and respond well to it. So now that the intro is over and we are all in here lets get into some makeup and beauty stuff. I would love if you guys would give me feedback and let me know what you want me to go over and I would be happy to do it. I've got some down time at the moment major changes happening in my life and such so drop me a line. Hope your all doing well and enjoying your summer. L&L~XOX