Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tea time!

Hello My Loves...
This weeks tea is all about how excited I am to get Tiffany D's new palette from Sigma. Now if you don't know Tiffany D she is an outstanding makeup artist that has been making videos on YouTube for several years. She was one person that really got me into makeup and wanting to be a makeup artist. If you look over to the side she's one of my favorite blogs and you can click there and check her blog out. Anyway I am so happy for her and the I can't wait to get the palette and play with it a bit. She's made a palette that can do virtually anything. It's a fully workable palette and that's what I appreciate the most. She has really sat down and done any kind of look with this palette and when you get it you will also receive a look book to give you some ideas of how to use the palette. The palette has 8 eye shadows in it and 2 gel liners. It also has a two sided brush and a two sided liner pencil. This is what it looks like.
Isn't it pretty! That was so girly of me. LOL. Sorry guys. Anyway The gel liners come in chocolate and blackout. The shadow colors are brunette, chestnut, smoke, beam, in the dark, midnight, fog, halo. Check out her blog for more information and swatches. This is a limited edition palette so get on it! Thank you for reading and as always until next time...Smooches!
(Photo from Tiffany D's blog. I do not own the rights to this photo.)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Hello My Loves...
So Thanksgiving is here and we should all be filled with cheer! Notice I said should. Some of us are a little unhappy our husbands will be at work because of stupid black friday. But I'm not bitter. Okay maybe just a little bit. Anyway before we go getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the sales we will be at dinners or parties or whatever you do on thanksgiving. So special looks will of course be needed. So I have a done a couple for you to get inspired from. I hope these looks woo you into the spirit of the holidays and you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. And also no matter what goes on this day or what's going on in your life, don't forget to be thankful and give thanks. You made it through another day and night in a warm safe place and others didn't have that luxury. Love you all...Smooches!

This look I call stuffing, lol. I used a neutral gold for the base color all over the eye.
Above Crease-Ben Nye-turquoise
Crease-Too Faced-coco puffed
Lid-Ben Nye-Indian copper
Eyeliner-Nyx-emerald city
Lashes-iGlam-unknown number
Mascara-Benefit-Bad Gal Lash

This one is roasted cranberries.
Black base was used on the lid and above crease area to bring more depth to the colors.
Lid-Maybelline color tattoo-bold gold (over top of that is Too faced-honey pot)
Gold Glitter-Nyx
Outer V-Ben Nye-purple haze mixed with Nyx-volcano
Above Crease-Ben Nye-purple haze
Mascara-Benefit-bad gal lash
Lashes-iGlam-unknown number

(Please excuse my photo taking ability. I am working on taking better photos and lighting and such. If my natural lashes are distracting I'm sorry. They go straight down naturally. All products were bought and paid for by me.)

Gems of the month!!!

Hello My Loves...
So as you guys know I am a working professional makeup artist and you also know that I like to use less expensive makeup. Reason being, I believe in being a well rounded artist and learning to work with every type and form of makeup. I can use anything from no name 99 cent store makeup to MAC, Makeup Forever (a favorite), Smashbox (also a favorite) to any other brand you can think of. I can also use stage makeup and mineral makeup and I also make some of my own. I love making something out of nothing and I enjoy experimenting. That's why I'm letting you guys in on my diamonds in the rough. When I find a product that I think works well for anyone in any stage of makeup I will gladly let you guys know about it. That way you can learn on the cheap stuff and work your way up into the expensive stuff. I'm a mother of two so if it's not something I must have I will work with what I can get...okay. Not to mention many of my clients enjoy being introduced to brands they may not have heard of otherwise, as well as being able to easily access them. Anyway, after my incessant rambling here are the products of the month.

Products of this month are: Kleancolor True Self Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, NYC Lipsticks, and Kleancolor Everlasting Lipsticks

Kleancolor True Self Luminous Moisturizing Foundation. I bought 1-Ivory, 4-Nude, 8-Caramel, 12-Mocha. I love how easy they are to blend and how sheer they are but they are buildable if you like more coverage. I give these 4 stars out of 5.

These shown on my hand which is not ashy thank goodness are NYC lipsticks. Colors are 312 chiffon on top and 308 retro red on the bottom. Chiffon is not my favorite color but blended with other colors is nice. 2 stars. Retro red however is the most amazing red. It has the most beautiful punch of color that looks good on anyone. I love it so much and give it 5 stars.
Here we have my new favorite fall colors. These are from Kleancolor and they are 738 cranberry mix on the left and 754 blackberry on the right. They both look so good on and I love them matte and glossy. These are easily my favorite lipsticks of the season and are stockpiled in my kit. 5 stars!

These are my gems for the month. I hope you guys can find them and try them out for yourselves. I also hope you guys are having fun with fall colors and trying new things this season. Give me a shout. Until next time...Smooches!

Monday, November 19, 2012

American Music Awards

Hello My Loves...
So as some of you may know tonight was the American Music Awards on ABC. Normally I don't watch the AMA's but this time I had no choice because my husband had the other television and Revenge wasn't on due to the awards. To sum it up I thought it was fabulous. I like the concept of having all or most genres in one award show as well as a slew of actors. The makeup and most of the gowns and tuxedos were amazing and the styling was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. It was a treat for the eyes. My favorite points of the night were PSY doing his Gangnam Style dance with M.C. Hammer. I loved that! I also really enjoyed Pink and her performance was a-ma-zing! I loved the choreography of her dance and the symbolism it had. I also enjoyed Carrie Underwood because, well, she's fabulous. Without further ado here are some of my favorite looks from the evening.
(All photos were from and I do not hold any rights to these photos or otherwise copyrighted materials.)


Here we have Pink looking amazing. I love her and I think she is amazing! Her hair and makeup are simple and chic and her dress is a great coppery gold color with just the right amount of girliness to it. Love it!
Here we Have Christina Aguilara looking sickening. I loved her performance as well it took me like ten minutes to realize those were drag queens on stage. You would think I would know better.

50 cent looking suave this evening. I thought he looked very handsome and I love the fit, cut, and color of his suit. Very nice 50.
To the left we have Jenny McCartney looking rather fierce in this belted black and metallic gold dress. Her hair looks amazing with the vampy makeup and subtle styling. She looked awesome.
Brandy looked plain great this evening. Her hair paired with her smokey eye and dainty accessories went great together. Her dress is fantastic and looks great on her. Only thing I would have changed is the shoes. They take away from the dress a bit but other than that she looks fabulous.
Moving on to the folks that looked less than great...
Now Chirs B you looked just plain bad. I don't know if your going through some things or what but this look is not good. Sorry Mr. Brown.
When will Tyga learn? Everytime he comes out he is on the bad dressed list. He needs to hire a stylist or fire stylist. What goes through your head when you choose an outfit like this? Whatever it is it needs to stop because it is not working.
Okay Heidi Klum we know you're a model. This dress with the round shoulders and high slit on the short skirt is a miss for me. It's really awkward and uncomfortable looking and ill-fitted. Plain and simple no.
J. Cole is a pretty cute fella. So this should have not happend. He wouldn't look bad if he got rid of the tacky, two sizes too large, red blazer and the leather t-shirt. He would look severely underdressed but not as bad. It's better to be underdressed than badly dressed. Am I right?
Moving on to the Honorable Mentions List. These folks looked nice and we thought they deserved some mention on this review.
Well that is it for the American Music Awards review. Hope you all enjoyed it. Who were your favorites of the night and your least favorite? Give me a shout! Thank you for reading and as always until next time...Smooches!

New Tea!!!

Hello My Loves...

This weeks tea is the new metallic OCC Lip Tars!

It's like the heavens opened and dropped down bits of metallic colors in tubes! I am so excited for these it's not even funny! So the collection is called Metallurgy and it's six yummy vibrant metallic colors. The names are  Super NSFW (a gold-sparkling red), Yaoi (a silver-based Barbie pink), Authentic (a penny copper), Triptych (a neutral gold), Iced (an opaque silvery white), and Electric Grandma (a metallic coral). I love the Yaoi shade and got a chance to play with that a bit. These are such amazing lip tars and you must put them on your list to santa this year. Perfect stocking stuffers. This is what they look like below.
In order as pictured, Super NSFW, Tryptich, Yaoi, Electric Grandma, Iced, Authentic. So amazing! That's all for today's tea guys. Hope you enjoyed and until next time...Smooches!

The Weekly Tea

This weeks tea is...CC Cream

So I know I was excited about the whole BB Cream trend that started in the states but to be completely honest the Asian BB Creams are the best and none compare to the magnificence of those creams. There are a few that I liked though. Now we are seeing the next wave of creams and that is CC Cream. It is basically your BB Cream with added skin benefits. It's supposed to be the best makeup for your skin. Olay has kicked it off for the american CC Creams with their Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer. It brightens the skin while still being on the sheer side. It is said to be suitable for all skin tones but I will bump that down to most. I will be doing my own testing of each cream I can find to let you know the lasting power and texture for oily skin. It comes in three shades but because the coverage is so sheer it should work for anyone. Now the Olay one is supposed to target blotchiness, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation as well as spot diminishing properties. If I had a dollar for every product I bought that said spot diminishing on it... Anyway the texture of this formula is a lot lighter and smoother than the BB Creams which is nice and makes them easier to blend. With that in mind it may work for more people but don't bet the farm on it. I also hear that Chanel has a CC Cream but I am not sure if that will be sold in the states or not. I hope so. If I can get my hands on it I will test it out and let you know how it works. I hear it's the end all be all of cc creams. If you can pay the ridiculous shipping fees from Asia, the Rachel K Cosmetics CC Cream is a bestseller and worth trying I hear. I also saw another one available called iFiona Moist Color Control Cream. Haven't heard any review on that one but I thought I'd mention it anyway. So you have slim pickings at this point but be careful who you trust your face with when it comes down to new things like this if you live in the states. I am pretty intrigued by this and cannot wait to try them out. I'll put what they look like below so you can know what to look for. I hope this review helped out and you guys have good luck when trying these out. Give me a shout and let me know how they work for you. Until next time...Smooches!

Chanel CC Cream. Not yet available in the U.S. It is available in only 2 shades.

This is Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer.

This is the Rachel K Cosmetics CC Cream. You can purchase online or if you just happen to be in Asia. ;)
I know nothing on this brand but the packaging is super cute so that must count for something. My research shows it is a top seller, however I haven't had my resources tell me anything about this brand specifically. Anything else I learn about this one I will caption and add it for you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New New New!!!

Hey loves!
So I have decided to revamp this blog a bit. I'm going to (and I am determined to keep this up) do a look of the week every week and have a weekly tea. If you don't know what the tea is, it basically means let me tell you the deal. So I will have a tea and a celebrity tea every week. I will also be uploading my newest work to this blog as I have been working rather vigorously lately. Thus my lack of posts. Well that and the fact that my baby is being crazy most of the day. LOL. And I am going to catch you guys up on my latest diamonds in the rough. My diamonds in the rough are the products I find that are simply amazing and dirt cheap. You guys know that I love a good product for cheap so I want to share that with you more often. I apologize for being so scarce the last few months. Trying to adjust with the new baby and all this new work has been rather tough. So please bare with me and I promise as I learn to deal with my schedule I will get it together. I love you all and until next time...Smooches!