Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gems of the month!!!

Hello My Loves...
So as you guys know I am a working professional makeup artist and you also know that I like to use less expensive makeup. Reason being, I believe in being a well rounded artist and learning to work with every type and form of makeup. I can use anything from no name 99 cent store makeup to MAC, Makeup Forever (a favorite), Smashbox (also a favorite) to any other brand you can think of. I can also use stage makeup and mineral makeup and I also make some of my own. I love making something out of nothing and I enjoy experimenting. That's why I'm letting you guys in on my diamonds in the rough. When I find a product that I think works well for anyone in any stage of makeup I will gladly let you guys know about it. That way you can learn on the cheap stuff and work your way up into the expensive stuff. I'm a mother of two so if it's not something I must have I will work with what I can get...okay. Not to mention many of my clients enjoy being introduced to brands they may not have heard of otherwise, as well as being able to easily access them. Anyway, after my incessant rambling here are the products of the month.

Products of this month are: Kleancolor True Self Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, NYC Lipsticks, and Kleancolor Everlasting Lipsticks

Kleancolor True Self Luminous Moisturizing Foundation. I bought 1-Ivory, 4-Nude, 8-Caramel, 12-Mocha. I love how easy they are to blend and how sheer they are but they are buildable if you like more coverage. I give these 4 stars out of 5.

These shown on my hand which is not ashy thank goodness are NYC lipsticks. Colors are 312 chiffon on top and 308 retro red on the bottom. Chiffon is not my favorite color but blended with other colors is nice. 2 stars. Retro red however is the most amazing red. It has the most beautiful punch of color that looks good on anyone. I love it so much and give it 5 stars.
Here we have my new favorite fall colors. These are from Kleancolor and they are 738 cranberry mix on the left and 754 blackberry on the right. They both look so good on and I love them matte and glossy. These are easily my favorite lipsticks of the season and are stockpiled in my kit. 5 stars!

These are my gems for the month. I hope you guys can find them and try them out for yourselves. I also hope you guys are having fun with fall colors and trying new things this season. Give me a shout. Until next time...Smooches!

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