Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New New New!!!

Hey loves!
So I have decided to revamp this blog a bit. I'm going to (and I am determined to keep this up) do a look of the week every week and have a weekly tea. If you don't know what the tea is, it basically means let me tell you the deal. So I will have a tea and a celebrity tea every week. I will also be uploading my newest work to this blog as I have been working rather vigorously lately. Thus my lack of posts. Well that and the fact that my baby is being crazy most of the day. LOL. And I am going to catch you guys up on my latest diamonds in the rough. My diamonds in the rough are the products I find that are simply amazing and dirt cheap. You guys know that I love a good product for cheap so I want to share that with you more often. I apologize for being so scarce the last few months. Trying to adjust with the new baby and all this new work has been rather tough. So please bare with me and I promise as I learn to deal with my schedule I will get it together. I love you all and until next time...Smooches!

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