Monday, November 19, 2012

New Tea!!!

Hello My Loves...

This weeks tea is the new metallic OCC Lip Tars!

It's like the heavens opened and dropped down bits of metallic colors in tubes! I am so excited for these it's not even funny! So the collection is called Metallurgy and it's six yummy vibrant metallic colors. The names are  Super NSFW (a gold-sparkling red), Yaoi (a silver-based Barbie pink), Authentic (a penny copper), Triptych (a neutral gold), Iced (an opaque silvery white), and Electric Grandma (a metallic coral). I love the Yaoi shade and got a chance to play with that a bit. These are such amazing lip tars and you must put them on your list to santa this year. Perfect stocking stuffers. This is what they look like below.
In order as pictured, Super NSFW, Tryptich, Yaoi, Electric Grandma, Iced, Authentic. So amazing! That's all for today's tea guys. Hope you enjoyed and until next time...Smooches!

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