Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend trip and update

Hey loves,
Sorry I have been m.i.a. for a few days. I went out of town for memorial day and I'm just getting my energy back up. It was a really good weekend and while I was there I came up with a new seies for you guys. I'm going to start a color series for summer. I have a cousin who is darker skinned and thinks she can't wear bright colors. So in ode to her I will do this series so that l.o.c. can learn some cool ways to wear every color. I'm going to start with basic colors like red, blue, green and so on. So the premier color for this series will be red. I hope you guys enjoy the series and if you would like to see a specific look please let me know. I will try to do at least 3 looks per color. So I hope this series will help all shades and give you some fun ideas to play with. Until next time loves...Smooches!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bold lids are making a strong statement this season...

Hello Loves,
So I've been noticing on the runway a lot of bold colors on the lids. But not a blend of colors or anything like that just one bold color. On a lot of caucasion women they have been placing either bold singular color or golds and pearl sheen bronze colors which look fabulous. On my ladies of color I have been seeing a lot of blues and different hues of orange which we know I love on a lady of color. Would you all wear it out though? I love a bold statement eye for runway or print, but for day to day life how would you wear these looks? Let's check it out.

So you can see those bronze tones on the left with this bold eye. I love the combination of orange that is also mixed in here. Light orange lip and turquoise liner really brings the look to a new level. I deem that a very wearable look. On the right we have this gorgeous pink eye. Fierce on the runway because it's such a bright color pink it can easily be seen from a distance. I think it can be wearable as long as you blend it out well and be mindful of the color pink you use for your tone. I might even use a green or purple color and do this look.

On the left I am loving this. It's incredibly bold and would certainly enhance an eye color or outfit. For regular life you could tone it down by blending the edges with a brown color and not sweeping it so far out to the sides. On the right we have an intense green eye with red lip. This comes off a little Christmas like to me. If I were to modify some things with this look I would use a pink gloss and add a few different tones of aqua and light green to blend it out and make it more 3 dimensional. If you play with this look it can be very wearable.

After these examples would you guys rock any of these looks or kick them? I would definately play around with them and just see how you can make this bold eye look wearable for your face and your day to day. Thanks for reading and until next time...Smooches! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beat yo face!

Hello Loves,
 Let's talk about highlighting and contouring. Now I love to do both. When you contour your shaping your face so slimmer or fatter is you like. Highlighting you are accentuating the areas of the face that are fuller that the sun would naturally hit. Now I know most people think you have to use a bronzer for to achieve this but I prefer to use a darker shade of powder. If I'm doing some light drag most of the time I use cream based foundation so I will use a darker shade of that. There are several different ways to get a great look but here are some things you should be mindful of. First of all if you are a woc please know your foundation shade or how to mix your appropriate shade. If your base color is off it will throw everything else off. When highlighting do not use white powder. If you are a carmel shade like me use a tan toned powder to set your highlight. If your ebony or coco use a shade close to me which is honey or a soft carmel. The key is to look natural so make sure your using colors that will blend into your natural features. Unless your a drag queen then do whatever you wish. When using your blush put on the side of the cheek rather than on the apple. The apple can sometimes give an old granny effect and unless your doing stage makeup you may want to avoid that. Go from right above the cheek bone and blend inwards. I also like to make sure I have plenty of time to do makeup whenever I am highlighting especially. I like to give my highlight time to "cook" or set into the skin. When you allow your makeup to set each step, your skin should look flawless when your finished. If you have bad acne scarring like me, make sure you push your product into the skin instead of sweeping it on. That way the product can cover all your pores. You may have a heavy powdered look at the end but when you spray on your setter it should mattify the skin and take that powder look away. I hope this helps you all, please try this stuff out and let me know how it works for you. Hopefully with enough practice you can say with confidence that your face is beat for the gods honey! A few of my favorite companies below. Until next time...Smooches!

Ben Nye (Best foundation and powder for every color. Greatest makeup in the world hands down to me)
Wet n Wild (Great eyeshadow for your money. Nice quality and color payoff)
Mehron (Ben Nye Quality products about the same price. Great cake liner)
ELF (Love their setting spray it works wonders for me and clients with oily skin)
NYX (Greatest shadow range and colors. Great product for little money)
Urban Decay (Love the texture and payoff of their products. Great colors as well)
Klean Color (Greatest lipsticks ever used ever!)
At a fashion show. My face was beat for Jesus! I won't lie this was some of my greatest work on my face. Do any other mua's find it easier to beat clients than yourself? Is it just me? Oh. :/

Love or Hate...Glitter Brows

Hello Loves,So a trend I have been playing around with loosely lately are the glitter brows. Now I must say done right it is fabulous. Done wrong you look like a showgirl gone wrong. So what do you think? Would you rock this look or kick it to the curb? I was convinced to try it out after seeing a few people do it. There are some videos on youtube where this is being used and I loved how they did it. Please check out Pixiwoo and Queen of blending on youtube they have amazing videos and they are among my personal favorites. So let's check this out. Here are a few looks I liked and my own loosely attempted version. Hope you like. Personal note: I like it when it follows the curve of the brow, but when done straight across and thick I think it looks aweful. Like a man tried to do something and failed. I know it's high fashion and very couture to some people but I would never do it like that for my collection couture or ready to wear. Just a thought.

So What do you all think? On the left is Sam from Pixiwoo and on the Right a model from Chanel. I have to root for Sam on the left. It's bright but it's cool. I have nothing against Chanel, just those brows.

 Here we have on the left another model from Chanel and on the right is Queen of blending. I have to once again go with Queen of blending. I would rock that. Maybe not the whole look but the brows on a night out would be hot. Once again I have nothing against Chanel, just those brows.

Here is my aweful attempt. Lol normally I wouldn't even post it but I'm a makeup artisit thus I can have no shame even when it's bad. I used a glitter from NYX that was a lot finer than I thought so it came across more shiny than glittery. I will grab another glitter and try this again though. However I do like the look I did on the eyes. I used emerald green liner from NYX and azalea from Ben Nye and the purple was from wet n wild. Hope you guys appreciate my botched attempt. I'll try it on a model. I bet it will go alot smoother.

So give some feedback on what you think about this look. Would you rock it? Until next time...Smooches!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Things I Love..This Week

Hello Loves,
This is a new segment I thought I would do every week so I can recap on things I loved from the week. That way if I missed something or just ran across it I can showcase it at the end of the week. Here are a few things I have run across this week that I am loving. All pictures came from Tumblr. We have a look from blogger Gabifresh and a few others from blackandkillingit. Hope you all enjoy!

To the left we have a look from blogger Gabifresh that I think is adorable. I love the pants the fit and color are both so flattering. Not to mention the styling of this outfit. I love the accessories. To the right we have adorable mint green pants with my favorite print on top. The whole ensemble is very on trend very cute especially for us bigger ladies. The blazer will nicely compliment larger hips and the heel makes the legs appear longer. Love the colors, love the shoes love everything love them!

To the left I am loving this look for summer. If you have an oversized scarf this would be an easy look to make not to mention adorable. I love the color green she's wearing and where it hits her at the knee is very flattering. To the right first of all she is killing it. Let's admire her confidence briefly... Okay I love the color block method she used. The yellow sets off the pink and purple used here and the orange clutch is a compliment to the yellow. I love it! It's cute and trendy while being flattering and form fitting. I love the fit of the skirt it's hugging curves and the outfit altogether can be very sexy. Well done favs of this week! Until next time loves...Smooches!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iv'e been m.i.a!

Hello Lovelies,
   So I know I have been m.i.a. lately and the reason for that is my new business venture. My friends and I have some exciting things we are working on so that is taking up most of my time. I am still getting several different things ready for you all different things I will do weekly and daily. So please bare with me I know I'm taking forever and I do apologize. Everything else should be up and running by next week so you all can also check out our group sites and join those and such and get alot more from each of us involved. I will be doing fashion and makeup of course and my collabs will be blogging and showing their expertise in styling, plus size design, plus size fashion, couture, runway, hair, and many more. Please bare with me and as soon as I get those up I urge you to check us out. We are based out of Dallas and we are an upcoming collaborative company. I hope you guys look forward to it and will enjoy it. Until next time...Smooches!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Met Gala

Hey Dolls,
  So let's get it right into it. Last night we watched some stars shine and some fade sadly at the Met Gala in NYC. I must say overall with high expectations I was slightly disappointed with what I saw. I saw almost nothing but minimalist makeup looks which is okay, but at the same time if your couture is boring can I get some drama some where? Along with boring makeup and hair were some rather head scratching looks from some of the celebs. I couldn't help but notice odd colors, bad fits and unflattering cut and proportion of some of the garments. Excuse my ranting on the aspects I didn't care for. Let's look at my favorites of the night.
Solange looked stunning in this beautiful canary yellow dress with peplum from Rachel Roy. Get into how effortlessly gorgeous she is.

Paula Patton looked absolutely stunning in Vera Wang. Jaw Dropper!
Sofia Vergara looked stunning in this Marchesa number. Loved it!
Other Looks I loved from the night.
And now for a few thing I was NOT loving.
So what did you all think of the fashion at the Gala? Who were your favorites? I hope you all enjoyed my take on the Met Gala. Until next time, Smooches!