Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beat yo face!

Hello Loves,
 Let's talk about highlighting and contouring. Now I love to do both. When you contour your shaping your face so slimmer or fatter is you like. Highlighting you are accentuating the areas of the face that are fuller that the sun would naturally hit. Now I know most people think you have to use a bronzer for to achieve this but I prefer to use a darker shade of powder. If I'm doing some light drag most of the time I use cream based foundation so I will use a darker shade of that. There are several different ways to get a great look but here are some things you should be mindful of. First of all if you are a woc please know your foundation shade or how to mix your appropriate shade. If your base color is off it will throw everything else off. When highlighting do not use white powder. If you are a carmel shade like me use a tan toned powder to set your highlight. If your ebony or coco use a shade close to me which is honey or a soft carmel. The key is to look natural so make sure your using colors that will blend into your natural features. Unless your a drag queen then do whatever you wish. When using your blush put on the side of the cheek rather than on the apple. The apple can sometimes give an old granny effect and unless your doing stage makeup you may want to avoid that. Go from right above the cheek bone and blend inwards. I also like to make sure I have plenty of time to do makeup whenever I am highlighting especially. I like to give my highlight time to "cook" or set into the skin. When you allow your makeup to set each step, your skin should look flawless when your finished. If you have bad acne scarring like me, make sure you push your product into the skin instead of sweeping it on. That way the product can cover all your pores. You may have a heavy powdered look at the end but when you spray on your setter it should mattify the skin and take that powder look away. I hope this helps you all, please try this stuff out and let me know how it works for you. Hopefully with enough practice you can say with confidence that your face is beat for the gods honey! A few of my favorite companies below. Until next time...Smooches!

Ben Nye (Best foundation and powder for every color. Greatest makeup in the world hands down to me)
Wet n Wild (Great eyeshadow for your money. Nice quality and color payoff)
Mehron (Ben Nye Quality products about the same price. Great cake liner)
ELF (Love their setting spray it works wonders for me and clients with oily skin)
NYX (Greatest shadow range and colors. Great product for little money)
Urban Decay (Love the texture and payoff of their products. Great colors as well)
Klean Color (Greatest lipsticks ever used ever!)
At a fashion show. My face was beat for Jesus! I won't lie this was some of my greatest work on my face. Do any other mua's find it easier to beat clients than yourself? Is it just me? Oh. :/

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