Friday, May 18, 2012

Things I Love..This Week

Hello Loves,
This is a new segment I thought I would do every week so I can recap on things I loved from the week. That way if I missed something or just ran across it I can showcase it at the end of the week. Here are a few things I have run across this week that I am loving. All pictures came from Tumblr. We have a look from blogger Gabifresh and a few others from blackandkillingit. Hope you all enjoy!

To the left we have a look from blogger Gabifresh that I think is adorable. I love the pants the fit and color are both so flattering. Not to mention the styling of this outfit. I love the accessories. To the right we have adorable mint green pants with my favorite print on top. The whole ensemble is very on trend very cute especially for us bigger ladies. The blazer will nicely compliment larger hips and the heel makes the legs appear longer. Love the colors, love the shoes love everything love them!

To the left I am loving this look for summer. If you have an oversized scarf this would be an easy look to make not to mention adorable. I love the color green she's wearing and where it hits her at the knee is very flattering. To the right first of all she is killing it. Let's admire her confidence briefly... Okay I love the color block method she used. The yellow sets off the pink and purple used here and the orange clutch is a compliment to the yellow. I love it! It's cute and trendy while being flattering and form fitting. I love the fit of the skirt it's hugging curves and the outfit altogether can be very sexy. Well done favs of this week! Until next time loves...Smooches!