Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love or Hate...Glitter Brows

Hello Loves,So a trend I have been playing around with loosely lately are the glitter brows. Now I must say done right it is fabulous. Done wrong you look like a showgirl gone wrong. So what do you think? Would you rock this look or kick it to the curb? I was convinced to try it out after seeing a few people do it. There are some videos on youtube where this is being used and I loved how they did it. Please check out Pixiwoo and Queen of blending on youtube they have amazing videos and they are among my personal favorites. So let's check this out. Here are a few looks I liked and my own loosely attempted version. Hope you like. Personal note: I like it when it follows the curve of the brow, but when done straight across and thick I think it looks aweful. Like a man tried to do something and failed. I know it's high fashion and very couture to some people but I would never do it like that for my collection couture or ready to wear. Just a thought.

So What do you all think? On the left is Sam from Pixiwoo and on the Right a model from Chanel. I have to root for Sam on the left. It's bright but it's cool. I have nothing against Chanel, just those brows.

 Here we have on the left another model from Chanel and on the right is Queen of blending. I have to once again go with Queen of blending. I would rock that. Maybe not the whole look but the brows on a night out would be hot. Once again I have nothing against Chanel, just those brows.

Here is my aweful attempt. Lol normally I wouldn't even post it but I'm a makeup artisit thus I can have no shame even when it's bad. I used a glitter from NYX that was a lot finer than I thought so it came across more shiny than glittery. I will grab another glitter and try this again though. However I do like the look I did on the eyes. I used emerald green liner from NYX and azalea from Ben Nye and the purple was from wet n wild. Hope you guys appreciate my botched attempt. I'll try it on a model. I bet it will go alot smoother.

So give some feedback on what you think about this look. Would you rock it? Until next time...Smooches!


  1. I personally think , kick it:)
    Although, i think it's very artistic

    1. Thanks you for your input. I have very mixed feelings on it still. It can be cool but I don't think I would wear it.