Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iv'e been m.i.a!

Hello Lovelies,
   So I know I have been m.i.a. lately and the reason for that is my new business venture. My friends and I have some exciting things we are working on so that is taking up most of my time. I am still getting several different things ready for you all different things I will do weekly and daily. So please bare with me I know I'm taking forever and I do apologize. Everything else should be up and running by next week so you all can also check out our group sites and join those and such and get alot more from each of us involved. I will be doing fashion and makeup of course and my collabs will be blogging and showing their expertise in styling, plus size design, plus size fashion, couture, runway, hair, and many more. Please bare with me and as soon as I get those up I urge you to check us out. We are based out of Dallas and we are an upcoming collaborative company. I hope you guys look forward to it and will enjoy it. Until next time...Smooches!

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