Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bold lids are making a strong statement this season...

Hello Loves,
So I've been noticing on the runway a lot of bold colors on the lids. But not a blend of colors or anything like that just one bold color. On a lot of caucasion women they have been placing either bold singular color or golds and pearl sheen bronze colors which look fabulous. On my ladies of color I have been seeing a lot of blues and different hues of orange which we know I love on a lady of color. Would you all wear it out though? I love a bold statement eye for runway or print, but for day to day life how would you wear these looks? Let's check it out.

So you can see those bronze tones on the left with this bold eye. I love the combination of orange that is also mixed in here. Light orange lip and turquoise liner really brings the look to a new level. I deem that a very wearable look. On the right we have this gorgeous pink eye. Fierce on the runway because it's such a bright color pink it can easily be seen from a distance. I think it can be wearable as long as you blend it out well and be mindful of the color pink you use for your tone. I might even use a green or purple color and do this look.

On the left I am loving this. It's incredibly bold and would certainly enhance an eye color or outfit. For regular life you could tone it down by blending the edges with a brown color and not sweeping it so far out to the sides. On the right we have an intense green eye with red lip. This comes off a little Christmas like to me. If I were to modify some things with this look I would use a pink gloss and add a few different tones of aqua and light green to blend it out and make it more 3 dimensional. If you play with this look it can be very wearable.

After these examples would you guys rock any of these looks or kick them? I would definately play around with them and just see how you can make this bold eye look wearable for your face and your day to day. Thanks for reading and until next time...Smooches! 


  1. I love the intense green eyes with the red lips. It does look like Christmas but it makes such a difference. It enhances your features!

    Great post! Keep up the bloggin!

  2. If only I was skilled (and brave enough) to try out these looks as they are fabulous!

    Chloe Polo

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it. You should try one and tone it down. Build the drama up over time. Just play around with it and have fun. Thats the best way to build up skills and bravery:)

  3. Love the green eye make up :) x angie