Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Product Review and Favorites

Hello Loves!
So I have been trying a few new products this summer and I just wanted to share with you my thoughts so far and what products I am using. I always like to try things in the summer time because if it goes horribly wrong I can usually heal my skin before back to school time. I'm not even in school anymore but I feel like I do more and see more people when school is in. That's kind of wierd huh. Anyways lets get into these products. If you guys are using any of these please let me know what you think of them. These are my likes so far. I have them rated by price as well for you guys.

  1. Oatmeal! I am using oatmeal on my face instead of a typical face wash. I have a lot of redness in my skin and it is helping the irritation. I am using this along with my Dove soap to ensure that my face doesn't get use to it quickly and stop reacting to it. Thus far this is a like! $

  2. L'oreal Youth Code Serum. I am loving this! It smells amazing. Like a very mature perfume. It goes on smooth its not heavy or oily and I like how my skin looks and feels after putting it on. It says that it is supposed to even out your skin tone. I have bad acne scaring so I am trying this out to see if it does help with that. Even if it doesnt I like the feel of my skin so it does help with smoothness and illuminates your skin. This is a like. $
 3. Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Mask. I looooove this mask! I have been using it for months and I can't get enough. If they sold this in a gallon tub I would have a warehouse full of it. I love this product. It smells sooooooo good and the way my skin feels afterwards I can't compare it to anything else it is amazing. Green tea is wonderful for the skin so this mask is like a magical little helper. I use it at least twice a week and any blemishes I may have clear up and it soothes those areas. I love this and I do suggest you guys try it out. I get these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Love it! $

  4. Smashbox BB Cream. So I will admit, I like to hold off until the initial bumrush over new products is over before I try them. I like to go in after everyone has made up their mind about it. I was very skeptical about bb creams when they first hit the scene. I thought that must be too good to be true. But I will say I have played with several and this one by Smashbox is exactly what you expect it to be. BB creams or blemish balm creams are a mashup of moisturizer, primer, foundation and spf. As far as coverage goes this one by Smashbox is amazing to me. I like it alot. I will put this in my kit and use it myself. It's rare that I find a product I want to try out in my kit and use myself so hats off to Smashbox with this product. $$

So those are things I am definately liking. Lets move onto the things I do not like.
  1. Sephora Spray On Foundation. Now I don't really care about spray on foundation anyway. I think it's messy and a waste of too much product but I'll give anything a try. However, Sephora what in God's name were you thinking when you made this? It is just aweful. It comes out really thick and and alot at one time so I don't see how you could spray this directly on your face. It has a gray undertone which is more useful for a concealer than a foundation because not many people especially us ladies of color have blunt gray undertones all over the face. The color is aweful the way it feels is slippery and blah. It could easily be blended out but you may as well not have it if your doing all that. It's just a hot mess product. I don't reccomend it and Sephora should take it away and try it again because this product is aweful. $

  2. Cargo Tinted Moisturizer. Now other than Cargo's blushes and bronzers they leave me unimpressed with most of their products so here is another. This is the most ridiculously thick tinted moisturizer in the history of tinted moisturizers. I like the color and the payoff but goodness gracious it is so thick. I can't stand the thickness of this on my face by itself much less with powder and everything else. The texture is pretty yucky to me also. I want to like it but I just cant bring myself to do it so this has to be a no for me. Sorry Cargo. Lighten the formula a bit and you may have me because the color was great. $$

  3. Wen Hair Care Tea Tree Oil Treatment. For the love of menthol and vicks vapo rub! This stuff is outlandish. First of all I used nearly the whole bottle my first use. Secondly the smell is sickening. It literally smells like vapo rub or some kind of medicine used to clear your sinuses. It is gross and strong! I almost couldn't use it just for the smell. Then the tingle on my scalp made me want to rip my scalp off. It wasn't pleasant at all. It says on the bottle to do your hair in sections and use 10-15 pumps per section if you have thick hair. Mind you this stuff is like $40 bucks with shipping. I'm a penny pincher. I have 1.5 kids and lets be real I'm not rich and even if I was thats about $80 bucks a month for me. Just for my hair!? Absolutely not. If you want to, try one of the millions of scents and see how you like it. I guess its okay but I'm not in love with it by any means. I can actually say I would never purchase this ever! It's supposed to be all in one and make your hair look and feel amazing. My hair looks like it normally does. I see no change at all. It feels okay but other than the sickening smell coming from my head I don't see a vast improvment. But you guys try it out and be the judge of that. Good luck. $$ :(

Those are my products for the month. I hope you enjoyed that and even if I don't like something that doesn't mean you won't like it. These are just my thoughts and opinions on these products. All were purchased with my own money except for the wen. That was a gift from my friend. I hope you guys like this and are having a good day! Until next time...Smooches!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time Makeup

Hey Loves!
Yay for summer!? Sorry guys summertime is not for me. I live in Texas and its hot as hell on most days but in the summer its almost unbearable. Me being a native from Oklahoma and all I am not conditioned for this heat. But I digress. So lets talk makeup in the summer time. Are you guys still wearing full face makeup? Extra heavy coverage? Foundation? Concealer? Stop the madness! In the summer time I recommend most ladies use the lightest products possible. I know we still want to look good and glowy and such but if you don't need it don't wear it. Let your skin breathe because your pores will be open especially if its hot. Plus if you live anywhere near some humidity your going to sweat and sweaty makeup is NOT cute. So these are what I like to call summer makeup essentials. Just a few products that you will need to go with the hot flow of summer.
Blush, Powder, Tinted moisturizer, Concealer, Bronzer, Duo lip and cheek stain.
These are what I recommend for summer time essentials. Now I say concealer because if you have bad skin like me which sucks by the way, you can use concealer and powder and it will be lighter than foundation. Only use what you need to use. If you have normal skin with no real skin problems throw on some mascara and blush and a nice lip stain and go. Keep it light and fresh for summer. You will be doing fun activities, so you don't want to be checking your makeup every 5 minutes. If you have great skin or even if its not that great but you don't like foundation get a good tinted moisturizer and a nice bronzer and your set. I like the summer only because I don't feel obligated to wear tons of makeup. It's going to melt off of me anyway because I've got excessively oily skin. Fun times over here guys. Don't forget your SPF at all times no matter what color you are. Keep your skin healthy and put that SPF on. If you can find tinted moisturizer that's got it in there. For eyes I recommend something like the color tattoo. You slap it on and it's good for hours of wear. I like my eyes to be light and gold in the summer with a bit of mascara. Throw on some blush or bronzer and call it a day. Remember it's only makeup guys. You don't have to go full out all the time. ;) I hope this helped someone at least a little bit. Have a great weekend guys and until next time...Smooches!

Finally seeing red!

Hey Loves!
I know what your thinking. Where the heck has she been! I know guys this has been a long and rather disappointing week. I haven't been feeling well either so I have literally gotten nothing accomplished. But today I feel somewhat better and I realized that I never uploaded the pictures of the red eye makeup I did a while ago so that will be below. I also did a blue look based on the ocean as inspiration. I have several more coming up, I have been very inspired lately. I also have received a few of the pictures from a great photo shoot that I did a few months back with Danielle from DStyles. She is a fabulous model and an even better stylist so I'll put her info somewhere so you can look her up. But yeah I hope you all had a better week than I did. I had a photo shoot scheduled that ended up getting cancelled so sad face for that. But I have several other things coming up and I am currently trying to make another page just for portfolio pictures so you guys can see some of my past and present work. But enough of my ramblings the pictures are below. I hope you enjoy and until next time...Smooches!

Okay so this is just a fun way that I like to use bright colors such as red. My camera sucks balls so it looks more pink than red. I apologize for that. So if you wanted to use a red or even a pink I suppose I used a gradient effect I used red all over the lid and blended that into a soft pink which blended into gold. Underneath the eye I used a gold liner on my lower lash line to give it some extra oomph. You can skip that part if its too much. Throw on some lashes and there you go!

So this is the blue look. I really liked this one I think it looks awesome. I used Ben Nye shadows for this look. I used gold all over the eye and blended the darker color blue with gold in the crease. For the lid I used Ben Nye Turquoise and Sapphire and underneath I made this what I like to call electric green color. Then I lined my top lash line with black and went over it with the sapphire which looked amazing. I hope this inspires you guys! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Disclaimer: My camera isn't the greatest and I don' know exactly how to use it either so the eyes look a lot better in person. And I do makeup better on others than myself anyway. That's weird but its true. I will try to show more looks on live models for you guys. :)
My photo shoot with Danielle from DStyles.
Photographer: Kauwuane Burton
Stylist: Danielle B. With DStyles
Makeup Artist: Morgan Lanae:)
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Wesley-Dillard

Please check out DStyles Productions on facebook!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Work for the weekend...

Hi Loves!
So I just wanted to say hi to everyone. There will be new posts up soon. I have been getting my kit ready for a photo shoot on Monday and in my world you can never be too ready. So I just wanted to keep you all updated and I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I think my next post will be how I started my kit with no mac products. That seems to be the biggest shock to people when I tell them I have no mac. Not that I don't like the products but when I started I was in school and I am a mommy so I couldn't splurge like I wanted to. But yeah that is coming up soon and if you have any questions let me know and I will be sure to answer them. Once again have a fabulous weekend, love you guys and until next time...Smooches!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Neon lights

Hello Loves!
So something trending for summer is neon liner. I am loving this look. You can have so much fun with a dramatic eye with neon liner or a subtle eye with this look for a dramatic pop. This is something fun that you can achieve several ways. I believe they have neon liner for sale however I prefer to use a white base and go over it with a bright color. You can do that for a complete eye look or just for liner. It's pretty easy to do and it can be really fun too. I hope you all will try it out and see what ways you like to wear it. Here are a few I am loving.

My favorite is the purple and yellow. I also like the pink one. I am definately trying both at my next photoshoot. Photos used are from
Here we have a more subtle approach with a glitter brow. I love this look as well and this will work well if your going to work or somewhere you need to be less dramatic. I would cut the glitter brows for work though. ;)
And there you have a few ways to try out this neon liner look. If you should try this look please send it to me so that I can put it up. I would love to showcase great work. I hope you all enjoyed and until next time..Smooches!

The weekend in photos

Hello Loves,
 This weekend was the birthday of a friend of mine so a group of us girls went out to dinner to celebrate. We had a wonderful time and I thought I would share some of my friends outfits of the night with you. They looked very cute. So I will put pictures below and please visit my friend Erica's blog, She runs a plus size fashion blog with great style tips for us ladies with extra to love. Please bare in mind that I'm pregnant so I can't be as full on stylish as I would like because I'm hot all the time. Some of you know what I mean, lol, but please enjoy and until next time...Smooches!

So here we are at like 2 a.m. I'm on the far left in the purple and next to me is Erica from doesthiscomeinmysize. Next we have Vida, Avis, Cece, Alesia, and the birthday girl herself Audri.

Here we have Erica and Alesia looking very summer stylish both wearing jean jackets. I have notice those have made a comeback in a big way this year. Surprisingly they both have the same color scheme as well. Grey with light or dark blue and cute sandals to finish. Very cute!
And here we have a shoe shot of all the shoes I will be stealing after I give birth and my swelling goes down. Lol, just kidding. But seriously though how cute are these shoes. We have Avis, Vida and Audri's shoes in this shot. They have great legs don't you think.  

Snow White and the Huntsman

Hello Loves!
So this weekend my husband took me to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Here is my take in the movie. First of all Charlize Theron was the most amazing evil queen ever! I loved her performance of a bitter evil queen it was wonderful. Her costuming was fantastic as well, it was very elegant and modern for the time period in which the movie was set. Chris Hemsworth gave a notable performance as the huntsman as well, but to be honest he is so handsome to look at if he gave a bad performance I wouldn't have known the difference. Last but not least we have Kristin Stewart as Snow White who gave a so so performance to me. I thought at times she should have given a bit more intensity. Not to mention I did not like her pretty much one costume. I didn't appreciate that she randomly had pants on. As a person who loves costume history whether she was a peasant or rich in this time period pants like those would not have been in the mix. It made me a bit upset plus no other women had on pants. What the heck? Any who makeup wise they kept it fresh faced, barely there makeup. In a few scenes they did a light purple eye on Kristin and kept her with a soft "just bitten" red lip. For Charlize they obviously did several different things to her makeup. She went from old to young which they did a marvelous job with. I thought the wrinkle placement was great as well as the overall appearance because she did look realistically old. They kept darker color on her eyes that was at the same time very subtle. I have to say makeup and costuming was pretty nice in this movie. I don't have much bad to say about it other than the ending pretty much just did it for me. I was less than pleased by the ending, it was blunt and left questions for no real reason. It was just very underwhelming and I can't see why they left it like that. But please do see it and judge for yourselves. The movie is pretty good overall. I hope you enjoyed my rundown of the experience and until next time...Smooches!
See the pants she has on. OMG! I know you probably think I'm crazy but really. They are not tights or even leggings but full on pants. Drives me absolutely crazy. Just saying.