Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time Makeup

Hey Loves!
Yay for summer!? Sorry guys summertime is not for me. I live in Texas and its hot as hell on most days but in the summer its almost unbearable. Me being a native from Oklahoma and all I am not conditioned for this heat. But I digress. So lets talk makeup in the summer time. Are you guys still wearing full face makeup? Extra heavy coverage? Foundation? Concealer? Stop the madness! In the summer time I recommend most ladies use the lightest products possible. I know we still want to look good and glowy and such but if you don't need it don't wear it. Let your skin breathe because your pores will be open especially if its hot. Plus if you live anywhere near some humidity your going to sweat and sweaty makeup is NOT cute. So these are what I like to call summer makeup essentials. Just a few products that you will need to go with the hot flow of summer.
Blush, Powder, Tinted moisturizer, Concealer, Bronzer, Duo lip and cheek stain.
These are what I recommend for summer time essentials. Now I say concealer because if you have bad skin like me which sucks by the way, you can use concealer and powder and it will be lighter than foundation. Only use what you need to use. If you have normal skin with no real skin problems throw on some mascara and blush and a nice lip stain and go. Keep it light and fresh for summer. You will be doing fun activities, so you don't want to be checking your makeup every 5 minutes. If you have great skin or even if its not that great but you don't like foundation get a good tinted moisturizer and a nice bronzer and your set. I like the summer only because I don't feel obligated to wear tons of makeup. It's going to melt off of me anyway because I've got excessively oily skin. Fun times over here guys. Don't forget your SPF at all times no matter what color you are. Keep your skin healthy and put that SPF on. If you can find tinted moisturizer that's got it in there. For eyes I recommend something like the color tattoo. You slap it on and it's good for hours of wear. I like my eyes to be light and gold in the summer with a bit of mascara. Throw on some blush or bronzer and call it a day. Remember it's only makeup guys. You don't have to go full out all the time. ;) I hope this helped someone at least a little bit. Have a great weekend guys and until next time...Smooches!


  1. When summer comes my my skin care product list doubles.

    1. Skincare products should. But when it comes to make up I like to bring it down a notch. lol