Monday, June 11, 2012

Neon lights

Hello Loves!
So something trending for summer is neon liner. I am loving this look. You can have so much fun with a dramatic eye with neon liner or a subtle eye with this look for a dramatic pop. This is something fun that you can achieve several ways. I believe they have neon liner for sale however I prefer to use a white base and go over it with a bright color. You can do that for a complete eye look or just for liner. It's pretty easy to do and it can be really fun too. I hope you all will try it out and see what ways you like to wear it. Here are a few I am loving.

My favorite is the purple and yellow. I also like the pink one. I am definately trying both at my next photoshoot. Photos used are from
Here we have a more subtle approach with a glitter brow. I love this look as well and this will work well if your going to work or somewhere you need to be less dramatic. I would cut the glitter brows for work though. ;)
And there you have a few ways to try out this neon liner look. If you should try this look please send it to me so that I can put it up. I would love to showcase great work. I hope you all enjoyed and until next time..Smooches!


  1. Loving the eyes. I love black liner so I may try something similar. The teal adds a pop to it as well.

    1. Yea definately. I always love a pop of color on the eye. Girl your blog is too cute! Im gonna follow you.

  2. These are gorgeous looks!! I never thought of glitter on the eye brow...I'm sure that would be perfect for a party!!

  3. Love this post!! Idk how people can be soo wonderful in make-up.
    xoxo asiahlynn