Monday, June 11, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Hello Loves!
So this weekend my husband took me to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Here is my take in the movie. First of all Charlize Theron was the most amazing evil queen ever! I loved her performance of a bitter evil queen it was wonderful. Her costuming was fantastic as well, it was very elegant and modern for the time period in which the movie was set. Chris Hemsworth gave a notable performance as the huntsman as well, but to be honest he is so handsome to look at if he gave a bad performance I wouldn't have known the difference. Last but not least we have Kristin Stewart as Snow White who gave a so so performance to me. I thought at times she should have given a bit more intensity. Not to mention I did not like her pretty much one costume. I didn't appreciate that she randomly had pants on. As a person who loves costume history whether she was a peasant or rich in this time period pants like those would not have been in the mix. It made me a bit upset plus no other women had on pants. What the heck? Any who makeup wise they kept it fresh faced, barely there makeup. In a few scenes they did a light purple eye on Kristin and kept her with a soft "just bitten" red lip. For Charlize they obviously did several different things to her makeup. She went from old to young which they did a marvelous job with. I thought the wrinkle placement was great as well as the overall appearance because she did look realistically old. They kept darker color on her eyes that was at the same time very subtle. I have to say makeup and costuming was pretty nice in this movie. I don't have much bad to say about it other than the ending pretty much just did it for me. I was less than pleased by the ending, it was blunt and left questions for no real reason. It was just very underwhelming and I can't see why they left it like that. But please do see it and judge for yourselves. The movie is pretty good overall. I hope you enjoyed my rundown of the experience and until next time...Smooches!
See the pants she has on. OMG! I know you probably think I'm crazy but really. They are not tights or even leggings but full on pants. Drives me absolutely crazy. Just saying.

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