Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

Hello Loves!

I have been missing for months for all kinds of reasons. I've had some weddings and changes with people I work with and just I don't know shenanigans. The point is I am back and ready to kick this new blog off. That being said...Welcome to Lipstick and Lashes. I just felt like I needed a change from fat face of fashion and just start over. I was putting a lot into that blog but I didn't feel it was being received like I wanted it to so here we are. This blog will be a severe change from that one. I'm going to give you more of me with this blog and I hope that you guys will like it and respond well to it. So now that the intro is over and we are all in here lets get into some makeup and beauty stuff. I would love if you guys would give me feedback and let me know what you want me to go over and I would be happy to do it. I've got some down time at the moment major changes happening in my life and such so drop me a line. Hope your all doing well and enjoying your summer. L&L~XOX

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goodbye Fat Face!

Say goodbye to Fat Face and hello to Lipstick and Lashes! This is the new blog on top of the old. I hope this blog will be received better and I can post more content that you all like. The old blog was just too much for me and I'm ready to start fresh for you all and give you some fun material. Hope you guys like! XoXo~L&L

Monday, March 18, 2013

Going Away...The Revamp

Hello Loves!
 Over the past few months, I have tried to get the ball rolling with my blog. I started this blog last year in hopes of boosting my career and getting my aesthetic across to those interested in my work. That was my initial reason for this blog. Show my work and get potential clients. That hasn't happened. As most of you know i was going through a difficult pregnancy last year. So difficult I could hardly walk some days. In September I gave birth to my second son. It was a rough recovery. Since having him I have tried to get my blog back up and running and get back on my grind. That is slowly happening. Life has taken a real toll on my professional life and its been hard for me even to blog. I take serious time in posting on my blog. I try to make the most professional yet witty blog posts I can. For a while I saw some serious interest. But as my blog has become slow with posts so have readers and followers. I have been wondering if anyone still reads my blog most days. Even with new posts, the response is slim to none and my confidence in this blog has declined. I feel as though I have failed. I failed you guys and myself with my crappy time management. I want so badly to get my career up and running. Fashion and makeup has been all I have been about since I was 5. I went to school for fashion and have a certificate in makeup. I study both as much as possible and strive to be the best i can be. With all that said I will be revamping this blog to be nothing but makeup and have began a new blog called Big Girl Panties strictly for fashion and style. I want to begin fresh with no promises other than I will post at least once a week on both. That's the start. I want to start slow and steady and gain real support and followers and give you guys something to look forward too. I hope you guys will like where I go with the new blogs and haven't given up on me as a blogger. I am trying the best I can and I am constantly striving to be better. Please hang in there with me and watch me grow as a blogger. I love you guys and hope to see you in the second phase. XOXO~F.F.O.F.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Camera!!!

Hello Loves!
I finally got a new camera! So now it's about to get real. I have several looks for you guys coming up and all kinds of beauty finds. Also some outfit of the days and other fun stuff. Some vlogs and tutorials are also in the making so be prepared. This blog is about to go in a different direction. Stay tuned! Smooches!

My Black History Favorites

Hello Loves!

I wanted to do a different post every day but my computer is not permitting me to do so. So while I can I will put the rest of the month's picks up before my computer bumps me off. Each of these picks has influenced me with their legacy. I could go on and on about each one but this post would be forever long. So instead I will put up what they did for in the African American community and I encourage everyone to research these people and look at the legacy they are leaving. Enjoy.

Queen Latifah
Rapper, leading actress, covergirl, and role model for young African American girls.

Langston Hughes
Legendary Poet. Opened the door for African American poets, play writes, and writers.

Eartha Kitt
Leading entertainer who helped open the door for African American female entertainers, singers, and actors.

Sydney Poitier
Leading actor who helped break down racial barriers in Hollywood on screen and in society. He opened the door for the succession of African American actors in Hollywood to have successful acting careers without being typecast.
Lena Horne
Leading entertainer who helped pave the way for African American singers, entertainers, and actors. Due to her ethnic background she helped break down social and color barriers in and outside of the African American community.
Richard Pryor
Opened the door for African American comedians. Although he was filthy without him opening those doors and his influence in the world of comedy, comedy as we know it would not exist. He was the father of those now famous comedians we know and his influence is seen through them.
Elizabeth Keckley
She was Mary Todd Lincolns dressmaker. The first African American designer. She was an educated slave that bought her way out of slavery and became a designer to the elite. She has inspired me on so many levels. Her books are so inspirational and I encourage everyone to read what she overcame.
Dizzy Gillespie
Jazz musician that paved the way for African American musicians to play for mainstream audiences and not only African American audiences.
Duke Ellington
Musician that composed some of the most amazing music ever made. Also paved the way for African American musicians.
James Baldwin
Important author in the African American community. His writing puts the struggles of African Americans into perspective from the civil war all the way to the civil rights movement. His writing is unique yet valuable to everyone inside and outside the African American community.
Mae C. Jemison
First African American woman in space.
Hattie McDaniel
First African American actor to win an academy award for her role in Gone With The Wind. Although she didn't get the chance to play more exciting roles, her work in the film industry opened the door for African American woman.
Madame C. J. Walker
First self made African American millionaire. She made her millions by making and selling the first African American hair treatments. Many people give her credit for creating the perm, but she made several more products that were just as popular.
Denzel Washington
Leading actor whose work parallels with mainstream actors. He has done many important roles, but has not been given credit for said roles or other roles he's achieved.  
Eddie Murphy
Leading actor and comedian. He was one of the first actors to play more than 5 roles in a motion picture.
Gabby Douglas
First African American female gymnast to win gold in the individual all around and gold in the team competitions.
Michelle Obama
First African American first lady of the united states.
Happy Black History month! These are a few of my favorite African Americans. Of course my list goes on and on but for this month in 2013 this is the list. It's different each year. I love learning more and more about my history every day of every year. Our heritage and history is so deep and rich and should be studied and reviewed more than just one month out of the year. Hope you guys enjoyed my favorites. Please read up on some people and make your own list and see who you admire. Thanks so much for reading and until next time...Smooches!

2013 Grammy Awards

Hello Loves

Alright, alright, alright! It's Grammy time! What did you guys think of last nights red carpet and award show? I have a lot of different feelings about both. There were some great and awful performances as well as best and worst dressed. Now I would like to warn you now. When I get into this review some of you are going to be upset with me but it is my honest opinion so don't take it too seriously. These people's careers are full of faux pas and bad performances but it doesn't make them any less great. So any negative comments on my side please don't take personal. I have seen how some people can get over a bad review of a favorite person. It's nothing personal. Just an opinion. Let's get to it!

Adele wore Valentino Couture floral print dress last night. I do not like this. I am aware she just had a beautiful baby but we could have given here something a lot better. The print is not good the color isn't my favorite either because it doesn't mesh well with her skin tone. Her makeup is her usual look so nothing new there but it still looks nice. Overall I give it 2 out of 5.

Alicia Keys is wearing Azzedine Alaia dress and looks pretty fantastic I think. Her hair and makeup is sleek and nicely done. Those famous hips looked just right in this dress and it complemented her well. I really like this look. I wish she had on a few more jewelry bits but that's okay. I give her 4 out of 5!
Ashanti wore this sheer floral dress. What do we think of it? I would like it more if she had dressed appropriately underneath. It looks a bit tacky with those black panties underneath. Her hair and makeup look great but her dress...still out on that. I give her 2 out of 5 for styling.
I honestly wish I could have kept her off the list. I don't even want to talk about it. Her hair was boring her makeup was lackluster and the outfit was just bad. Not to mention she has padding on to make her hips look curvy but they are lopsided and she looks like she has one massive hip. It was all off and she should have started over. I'm sorry everyone but that's my genuine opinion. 1 out of 5.

Honestly when does Carrie Underwood not look phenomenal. She looked gorgeous last night and her performance was great as usual. She's wearing a nude lip and I love it on her. Her stylist needs a raise because she is styled to perfection. Her dress was Roberto Cavalli and she looked stunning in it. Loved it! You go girl! 5 out of 5!
Now Chris Brown has been looking not so fine lately at award shows and functions but he was really on his grind this time. He looked pretty good. Alright he looked really good. Anyway the suit was nicely fit and he simply looked good. 5 out of 5!
Estelle looked adorable in this long sleeve crop top and skirt. The bold print is really cute and I love the trumpet skirt. Her hair was fun and swept to the side and she had minimal makeup on. I love this look overall. 4 out of 5!

Florence Welch looked pretty nice in this Givenchy emerald green dress. Someone was showcasing the pantone color of the year. I like this dress it looks good on. I didn't care for her hair or makeup though. The color on her lips make her face a bit sallow. But overall she looked pretty nice. 3 out of 5.

Kelly Rowland looked hot on the red carpet in Georges Chakra. She was wearing this stunning cutout number that left just enough to the imagination. Her hair was alright along with minimal makeup. I love this dress and how it accentuates her body. Well done Ms. Rowland. 4 out of 5!

I love Jenelle Monae's look. She looks lovely in this gold and black tuxedo. Her Accessories were great her  makeup was on point and this look is just great. Job well done! 5 out of 5!
Justin Timberlake looked pretty dapper in his classic suit and bow tie and penguin shoes. He looked very classic and elegant. I don't too much care for this picture guys but I couldn't find a better full one. Google you failed me on that one. 4 out of 5!
Let me just say I have the biggest girl crush on Kat Dennings. As gorgeous as she is this dress did no kind of justice. The whole look here is all wrong and I was very disappointed. Her hair doesn't even look as good as it normally does so I just want to fire the person who did this to her myself. The lip color is nice but other than that there is nothing working right here. Sorry love but its 1 out of 5.
Katy Perry bore all in this Gucci gown on the red carpet. Let me just that those puppies have never looked better. The dress showcased them well and looks very flattering against her curves. The jet black hair and slight smokey eye worked well to compliment the look. Well done Katy Perry. 5 out of 5!
Here we see Kelly Osbourne showcasing the cut out trend for this season in this Paule Ka dress. I like that she wore a black dressed and through color in the look by adding accessories including her hair. I like the purple hair I just wish it was styled differently. But other than that she looked sleek and well styled and I applaud this look. 4 out of 5!
Whoa Nelly! Sorry that was corny but how yummy did he look. That suit was eye catching and beautifully tailored not to mention that light gunmetal color is so smooth on his skin. Goodness he certainly did a number on me in with that suit that's for sure. 5 out of 5!
Solange can almost do no wrong on the red carpet. I love the big wild hair and this gorgeous green dress with that hot pink shoe peeking out underneath. She had a natural face and barely there nude lipstick. This look was one of my favorites and just overall fabulous. 5 out 5!
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill look lovely and in love on the red carpet. I love that they compliment each other in style. Such a great couple and they look very put together although I will say that Tim has all kinds of chest showing. I think you missed a button or two sir. 4 out of 5!
And last but not least the happy couple expecting their first child together, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. Wiz always look sort of goofy to me no matter what he has on. Not in a bad way but he's so silly It's hard for me to take him seriously. But Amber looks adorable showcasing her baby glow and bump in this simple black dress. She has simplistic styling as well focusing all the attention to that bump. I'm actually really happy for them they seem so in love and enamored with each other it's exciting to watch them go through this stage of life. Congrats guys! 5 out of 5!
I know my review was a bit late but better late than never. Who was your favorite on the red carpet and least favorite? Drop me a line and let me know! Thank you guys for reading. Love always and until next time...Smooches!
 All photos were found via I am not claiming ownership of any photos and am not infringing on any copyrighted information. Some photos may be property of other blogs and or publications that were researched and discovered by google.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Black History Month

Hello My Loves!

It's my favorite month of the year, (due to my birthday being on the 4th, wink). It's also black history month. I always get excited for this month because no matter how old I get I always seem to learn something new in this month. So today I was thinking how can I celebrate this month on my blog fashion or makeup wise. I think I will put up a different African American female or male every day who's fashion or makeup I really like. I'll also try to throw in a historical piece of information as well. The person may be famous or just someones photo I saw on tumblr. I will try to make sure I get the photo credits as well. To kick this off I will start with Angela Bassett. I have more than mad respect for her as a woman and actress. On Saturday Feb. 2nd, She will be starring in a movie along side Mary J. Blige called Betty and Coretta airing on Lifetime. The movie is about the wives of MLK Jr and Malcolm X. I'm very excited to watch it and I hope you all will watch as well and let me know what you thought.

Thank you Angela Bassett for always representing African American woman in the most respectful, intelligent, and graceful way possible.
Thank you guys for reading. Love you all and until next time...Smooches!