Friday, February 1, 2013

Black History Month

Hello My Loves!

It's my favorite month of the year, (due to my birthday being on the 4th, wink). It's also black history month. I always get excited for this month because no matter how old I get I always seem to learn something new in this month. So today I was thinking how can I celebrate this month on my blog fashion or makeup wise. I think I will put up a different African American female or male every day who's fashion or makeup I really like. I'll also try to throw in a historical piece of information as well. The person may be famous or just someones photo I saw on tumblr. I will try to make sure I get the photo credits as well. To kick this off I will start with Angela Bassett. I have more than mad respect for her as a woman and actress. On Saturday Feb. 2nd, She will be starring in a movie along side Mary J. Blige called Betty and Coretta airing on Lifetime. The movie is about the wives of MLK Jr and Malcolm X. I'm very excited to watch it and I hope you all will watch as well and let me know what you thought.

Thank you Angela Bassett for always representing African American woman in the most respectful, intelligent, and graceful way possible.
Thank you guys for reading. Love you all and until next time...Smooches!

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