Friday, February 1, 2013

My trend picks for 2013

Hello my loves!
   Okay I know you are thinking Mo where have you been. I have been a busy little bee. I went out of town and I have just been doing a lot of business things. I was asked to do a review on the SAG awards and the Golden Globes, but to be perfectly honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the clothes or anything else. That being said I'm waiting for further award shows to review. Anyway, I'm sure most of you know what trends have been forecasted so instead of going over them all, I'll go over my favorites.

Bold/Mixed Stripes: I love stripes period. So the fact this has made its way back around to being a top trend is exciting. The bigger the stripes the better and when the top and bottom are different it looks awesome. I think stripes can look good or bad on anyone. So big girls don't be afraid to rock the stripes. I know I'm not!

I am in love with this look by Marc Jacobs. The flow of the stripes are fluid and in two directions. Fabulous!

Mixed Prints: I didn't like how this looked at first but now I'm into it. As long as they are both cute prints that are not too busy it works. I've seen a lot of plaids with florals, however if this isn't tastefully done you can look like a crazy lumberjack.

Short Suits: I love this trend for spring. If you love your legs you can show them off while being powerful and sophisticated. I don't know about you but I'm ready to put my gams into some shorts and get my suit on.                                   

This short suit from non other than my favorite designer Elie Saab is to die for. It's so classy and chic and the bold blue color makes a serious statement.
Sheer Sexiness: The sexiest trend this season is the sheer fabric. Sheer tops, bottoms and anything else has been on just about every runway. I love the sheer looks I've seen from dresses to simple tops. They are so daring and sexy yet gorgeous and feminine and on the body they exude the confidence of the woman wearing them.
Ruffles: Now I personally don't favor the normal type ruffle you see on a top at Sears. I personally prefer them to be a cascading ruffle. That's just my stand point as a designer and a fashion lover. But I do love a good ruffle on a hot dress so I'm glad that's trending this year.
 I love this dress from Balenciaga. It is to die for. Such a beautiful cascading ruffle. Also I saw this top on severasl runways. So that's also trending.
 I would like to mention also what I don't like this season. The biggest colors this season or year is black and white. Most runways donned black and white garments and used it as the base colors of their collections. I cannot truly express in words how much that bores me. Neither of those are even colors. Black is the absence of color and white is void of color. Plus it's just really basic. This coming from a bridal designer must really be boring. LOL. Anyway not to be a fuzzy that's just my personal opinion. But I am really excited for this year. I loved things I saw on the runways, so this years fashion should be fun. Now that you know my favorite things for the year what are yours? What can we expect to see the most of in street style? Leave me a shout with your thoughts. Thank you for reading. Love you all and as always until next time...Smooches!


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