Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Black History Favorites

Hello Loves!

I wanted to do a different post every day but my computer is not permitting me to do so. So while I can I will put the rest of the month's picks up before my computer bumps me off. Each of these picks has influenced me with their legacy. I could go on and on about each one but this post would be forever long. So instead I will put up what they did for in the African American community and I encourage everyone to research these people and look at the legacy they are leaving. Enjoy.

Queen Latifah
Rapper, leading actress, covergirl, and role model for young African American girls.

Langston Hughes
Legendary Poet. Opened the door for African American poets, play writes, and writers.

Eartha Kitt
Leading entertainer who helped open the door for African American female entertainers, singers, and actors.

Sydney Poitier
Leading actor who helped break down racial barriers in Hollywood on screen and in society. He opened the door for the succession of African American actors in Hollywood to have successful acting careers without being typecast.
Lena Horne
Leading entertainer who helped pave the way for African American singers, entertainers, and actors. Due to her ethnic background she helped break down social and color barriers in and outside of the African American community.
Richard Pryor
Opened the door for African American comedians. Although he was filthy without him opening those doors and his influence in the world of comedy, comedy as we know it would not exist. He was the father of those now famous comedians we know and his influence is seen through them.
Elizabeth Keckley
She was Mary Todd Lincolns dressmaker. The first African American designer. She was an educated slave that bought her way out of slavery and became a designer to the elite. She has inspired me on so many levels. Her books are so inspirational and I encourage everyone to read what she overcame.
Dizzy Gillespie
Jazz musician that paved the way for African American musicians to play for mainstream audiences and not only African American audiences.
Duke Ellington
Musician that composed some of the most amazing music ever made. Also paved the way for African American musicians.
James Baldwin
Important author in the African American community. His writing puts the struggles of African Americans into perspective from the civil war all the way to the civil rights movement. His writing is unique yet valuable to everyone inside and outside the African American community.
Mae C. Jemison
First African American woman in space.
Hattie McDaniel
First African American actor to win an academy award for her role in Gone With The Wind. Although she didn't get the chance to play more exciting roles, her work in the film industry opened the door for African American woman.
Madame C. J. Walker
First self made African American millionaire. She made her millions by making and selling the first African American hair treatments. Many people give her credit for creating the perm, but she made several more products that were just as popular.
Denzel Washington
Leading actor whose work parallels with mainstream actors. He has done many important roles, but has not been given credit for said roles or other roles he's achieved.  
Eddie Murphy
Leading actor and comedian. He was one of the first actors to play more than 5 roles in a motion picture.
Gabby Douglas
First African American female gymnast to win gold in the individual all around and gold in the team competitions.
Michelle Obama
First African American first lady of the united states.
Happy Black History month! These are a few of my favorite African Americans. Of course my list goes on and on but for this month in 2013 this is the list. It's different each year. I love learning more and more about my history every day of every year. Our heritage and history is so deep and rich and should be studied and reviewed more than just one month out of the year. Hope you guys enjoyed my favorites. Please read up on some people and make your own list and see who you admire. Thanks so much for reading and until next time...Smooches!

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