Friday, February 1, 2013

Makeup Trends for 2013

Hello My Loves!

This year in makeup is pretty calm compared to last year. For some that's a good thing and for others not so much. Already on red carpets and premieres we have seen very toned down makeup. Not necessarily nude but very clean skin and softer eyes.

Luminous skin. Almost no color at all. Thick brows with arch.

There are also some things left over from last year like the big brows and bold color on the eyes. However, even though they are somewhat the same they have been revised to fit runways this year. Instead of big straight brows they have been more arched and big and the bold color on eyes has been reduced to one bold color and nothing else. Bold liner is still making a statement as well. Green, purple, orange, and blue liner have been seen the most yet only the liner is present. No eyeshadow was used and mascara was light.

Bold liner and virtually nothing else on the face. Simplistic boldness.

Luminous skin is always in, as well as the infamous red lip. However we are transitioning from the dark oxblood red lip into a more cherry red lip which is a bit easier to do.

Red lips look great on everyone.

We are seeing very soft or "angelic" makeup on runways and celebrities. Instead of the pops of color we saw last year it's now soft and sheer. You can see glossy eyes in effect with no color and bold mascara with no liner. There is also a wave of 60's inspired looks happening with blue shadows on the eyes and big lashes.

Glossy lids can be achieved with a small amount of gloss or vaseline. Do not get into your eyes!

There are very few bold looks happening now and when we see them they are gunmetal grey hues, blue, black, green or dark burgundy colors. Contouring and sculpting the face is taking the spotlight. Very subtle blush and bronzer is being used if any at all.

Heavy contour is used to chisel the cheeks and lift the cheek bones bringing more light to the top of the cheek bones and eliminating the need for blush or bronzer.

There is also a lot of monochromatic looks being spotted. The same color is used on the eyes cheeks and sometimes lips making a very fluid look color wise on the face.

Peach and pink tones used on eyes cheeks and lips.

 If your like me and use no less than three colors on average a day your probably freaking out right about now. For all my makeup geeks and multiple color users we will make it through these bare times. Although I could get use to a few of these. You could get your makeup done in about 5 minutes with any of these given trends which is convenient if nothing else. Will you guys try any of these looks this year or stick to what you know? Leave me a shout and let me know. Hope this helped. Love you all and as always until next time...Smooches!

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