Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Looks...

Hey Loves,
Here are some daily less is more looks for you all featuring the plum cheek and deep pink lip. In the first picture I have a dark color on the lid (smog by urban decay) and a gold color on the rest of the eye including the crease. Doing this makes my eye appear larger and gives an effect of a larger lid. The second look is a soft purple in the crease and outer v. Hope you enjoy.

Less Is More

Hi lovelies.
    Now I know there are always a million "on trend" looks for spring. This is a look you can do all year every year. The simple less is more fresh look. You can focus on anything you like. Bold eyes subtle face, bold cheek subtle eye and lip and so on. One thing I've been doing lately that I'm really loving is bold lashes with a light eye and bold lip. It's fresh and sexy at the same time without anything being too over bearing. For my deeper skin ladies I always love a nice orange lip or cheek. It is the one color deeper skinned ladies must have. It looks incredible in the right shade and you will definately be on trend for the season. For the lighter skinned ladies I am loving a nice plum on the cheek and a deep pink lip. These elements cause a calm yet sexy look that's not too harsh but just bold enough. For eyes on any lady of color I love a nice gold or bronze especially for this look. It can be so refreshing while also making your eyes pop. Throw in a nice pair of falsies and your ready to go. I know your thinking this sounds boring especially for spring but switch the gold for a nice spring color on the lids and a deep crease color for a bolder eye if you like. I will show a few examples so you can see how I am applying this to clients and myself. I hope you guys like this look. Go out and make it yours! Smooches!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Talk Lashes!

Hey ladies!
   So lets talk about one of my favorite things, lashes! Now I know everyone has there own way of applying them and there own personal favorites style wise. I love natural looking lashes for going out or daily use. I find if you use anything too flashy just going to work tends to look ridiculous. Y'all know what I'm talking about. The big garage door lashes and the all too obvious false lashes. I like falsies to look like they could be yours. Its fun to wear big crazy lashes and over the top eye looks and I've got no problem with a woman who is daring enough to wear those looks, however for those more conservative ladies lets see some choices for you. I love individual lashes. Reason being they can last a week or so and you can make them really look like your own. You can make your lashes look as thick as you want without anyone really being able to tell the difference. Strip lashes with a thin seam or invisible seam also work best if you are not trying to use a lot of liner. Lets see some examples of different strip lashes that might give us a more natural looking effect.
Strip lashes
 As you can see the smaller lashes are the most subtle. So when using those lashes they will give you the most natural look. The demi lashes are my favorite because I have rather small eyes. When I use those they make my lashes look bold and natural. I hope this helps you ladies! Have fun with lashes! Smooches!

( The showgirl lashes. Those large black ones. Those are the ridiculous lashes I'm talking about. If you wear those in the daytime with no other makeup you will look completely ridiculous. I'm just saying.)

Everyday Looks

Hey Lovely Ladies,
   So I think I am going to start putting a different daily look at least every few days. Just so you guys can get some different ideas and such of looks to do on a daily basis. As much as I love color sometimes you have to bring it down a notch. For instance if you have a job interview or something I suggest a nice neutral look.You don't want to scare off a potential employer because you have extreme makeup going on. Plus I rather enjoy a nice soft look for daily wear in spring. It's such a light time of the year and everything should be fresh and clean and simple. So when doing your makeup remember those things to incorporate into different looks. Some things you could do t achieve a nice fresh simple look are: use a light concealer or tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Go big with lashes and light with liner. Use a nice color blush for your cheeks and not too much bronzer. (Ladies of color have a natural glow to the skin anyway so bronzer should be used sparingly). Use neutral colors on eyes or just a dark color in the crease and nothing else. Finally a nice pink or bright lip can always bring life to the face without it being overwhelming. I will make some tutorials and post pictures. Hope this wasn't too simple for you ladies and I hope you all enjoyed this. Have fun making this yours! Smooches!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prom season!!!!!!

Hey ladies! So as we all know it's prom season! I love this time of year. From themes to colors to hairstyles to makeup. Besides graduation this is one of the biggest nights of a girls high school career. So how can you stand out and look amazing? Color wheel! I know your probably going what? But when you look at it you'll understand why. When you choose a bold color dress or shoe or what have you, you don't want to get too matchy matchy. So what can you do to prevent too much of one color? Use your color wheel. I like to use complimentary colors most, however triadic and analogous colors are fun too. Say you have a green dress, if you were going with triadic colors you could have purple incorporated to your makeup and perhaps an orange shoe or clutch or hair piece. Not saying that matching isn't cute but when you go with a color scheme it makes everything pop. So grab your color wheels and see what fabulous combination you can come up with! Smooches!