Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prom season!!!!!!

Hey ladies! So as we all know it's prom season! I love this time of year. From themes to colors to hairstyles to makeup. Besides graduation this is one of the biggest nights of a girls high school career. So how can you stand out and look amazing? Color wheel! I know your probably going what? But when you look at it you'll understand why. When you choose a bold color dress or shoe or what have you, you don't want to get too matchy matchy. So what can you do to prevent too much of one color? Use your color wheel. I like to use complimentary colors most, however triadic and analogous colors are fun too. Say you have a green dress, if you were going with triadic colors you could have purple incorporated to your makeup and perhaps an orange shoe or clutch or hair piece. Not saying that matching isn't cute but when you go with a color scheme it makes everything pop. So grab your color wheels and see what fabulous combination you can come up with! Smooches!

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