Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Talk Lashes!

Hey ladies!
   So lets talk about one of my favorite things, lashes! Now I know everyone has there own way of applying them and there own personal favorites style wise. I love natural looking lashes for going out or daily use. I find if you use anything too flashy just going to work tends to look ridiculous. Y'all know what I'm talking about. The big garage door lashes and the all too obvious false lashes. I like falsies to look like they could be yours. Its fun to wear big crazy lashes and over the top eye looks and I've got no problem with a woman who is daring enough to wear those looks, however for those more conservative ladies lets see some choices for you. I love individual lashes. Reason being they can last a week or so and you can make them really look like your own. You can make your lashes look as thick as you want without anyone really being able to tell the difference. Strip lashes with a thin seam or invisible seam also work best if you are not trying to use a lot of liner. Lets see some examples of different strip lashes that might give us a more natural looking effect.
Strip lashes
 As you can see the smaller lashes are the most subtle. So when using those lashes they will give you the most natural look. The demi lashes are my favorite because I have rather small eyes. When I use those they make my lashes look bold and natural. I hope this helps you ladies! Have fun with lashes! Smooches!

( The showgirl lashes. Those large black ones. Those are the ridiculous lashes I'm talking about. If you wear those in the daytime with no other makeup you will look completely ridiculous. I'm just saying.)

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