Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally seeing red!

Hey Loves!
I know what your thinking. Where the heck has she been! I know guys this has been a long and rather disappointing week. I haven't been feeling well either so I have literally gotten nothing accomplished. But today I feel somewhat better and I realized that I never uploaded the pictures of the red eye makeup I did a while ago so that will be below. I also did a blue look based on the ocean as inspiration. I have several more coming up, I have been very inspired lately. I also have received a few of the pictures from a great photo shoot that I did a few months back with Danielle from DStyles. She is a fabulous model and an even better stylist so I'll put her info somewhere so you can look her up. But yeah I hope you all had a better week than I did. I had a photo shoot scheduled that ended up getting cancelled so sad face for that. But I have several other things coming up and I am currently trying to make another page just for portfolio pictures so you guys can see some of my past and present work. But enough of my ramblings the pictures are below. I hope you enjoy and until next time...Smooches!

Okay so this is just a fun way that I like to use bright colors such as red. My camera sucks balls so it looks more pink than red. I apologize for that. So if you wanted to use a red or even a pink I suppose I used a gradient effect I used red all over the lid and blended that into a soft pink which blended into gold. Underneath the eye I used a gold liner on my lower lash line to give it some extra oomph. You can skip that part if its too much. Throw on some lashes and there you go!

So this is the blue look. I really liked this one I think it looks awesome. I used Ben Nye shadows for this look. I used gold all over the eye and blended the darker color blue with gold in the crease. For the lid I used Ben Nye Turquoise and Sapphire and underneath I made this what I like to call electric green color. Then I lined my top lash line with black and went over it with the sapphire which looked amazing. I hope this inspires you guys! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Disclaimer: My camera isn't the greatest and I don' know exactly how to use it either so the eyes look a lot better in person. And I do makeup better on others than myself anyway. That's weird but its true. I will try to show more looks on live models for you guys. :)
My photo shoot with Danielle from DStyles.
Photographer: Kauwuane Burton
Stylist: Danielle B. With DStyles
Makeup Artist: Morgan Lanae:)
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Wesley-Dillard

Please check out DStyles Productions on facebook!

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