Monday, November 19, 2012

American Music Awards

Hello My Loves...
So as some of you may know tonight was the American Music Awards on ABC. Normally I don't watch the AMA's but this time I had no choice because my husband had the other television and Revenge wasn't on due to the awards. To sum it up I thought it was fabulous. I like the concept of having all or most genres in one award show as well as a slew of actors. The makeup and most of the gowns and tuxedos were amazing and the styling was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. It was a treat for the eyes. My favorite points of the night were PSY doing his Gangnam Style dance with M.C. Hammer. I loved that! I also really enjoyed Pink and her performance was a-ma-zing! I loved the choreography of her dance and the symbolism it had. I also enjoyed Carrie Underwood because, well, she's fabulous. Without further ado here are some of my favorite looks from the evening.
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Here we have Pink looking amazing. I love her and I think she is amazing! Her hair and makeup are simple and chic and her dress is a great coppery gold color with just the right amount of girliness to it. Love it!
Here we Have Christina Aguilara looking sickening. I loved her performance as well it took me like ten minutes to realize those were drag queens on stage. You would think I would know better.

50 cent looking suave this evening. I thought he looked very handsome and I love the fit, cut, and color of his suit. Very nice 50.
To the left we have Jenny McCartney looking rather fierce in this belted black and metallic gold dress. Her hair looks amazing with the vampy makeup and subtle styling. She looked awesome.
Brandy looked plain great this evening. Her hair paired with her smokey eye and dainty accessories went great together. Her dress is fantastic and looks great on her. Only thing I would have changed is the shoes. They take away from the dress a bit but other than that she looks fabulous.
Moving on to the folks that looked less than great...
Now Chirs B you looked just plain bad. I don't know if your going through some things or what but this look is not good. Sorry Mr. Brown.
When will Tyga learn? Everytime he comes out he is on the bad dressed list. He needs to hire a stylist or fire stylist. What goes through your head when you choose an outfit like this? Whatever it is it needs to stop because it is not working.
Okay Heidi Klum we know you're a model. This dress with the round shoulders and high slit on the short skirt is a miss for me. It's really awkward and uncomfortable looking and ill-fitted. Plain and simple no.
J. Cole is a pretty cute fella. So this should have not happend. He wouldn't look bad if he got rid of the tacky, two sizes too large, red blazer and the leather t-shirt. He would look severely underdressed but not as bad. It's better to be underdressed than badly dressed. Am I right?
Moving on to the Honorable Mentions List. These folks looked nice and we thought they deserved some mention on this review.
Well that is it for the American Music Awards review. Hope you all enjoyed it. Who were your favorites of the night and your least favorite? Give me a shout! Thank you for reading and as always until next time...Smooches!

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