Monday, July 2, 2012

Bet Awards: My Hits and Misses list

Hello Loves!
So my husband and I may be the only people in life who did not watch the BET Awards last night. I know what your thinking but this has been an intense weekend for us. We spent all day sunday getting our home new baby ready because we are only 9 weeks out from my due date. So that being said I think we have a valid excuse to not have tuned in. So I looked around to see what was worn and I saw a couple of looks that I liked and alot that made me say wtf?! Aside from that I hear the performances were great as well as the tributes. I am sure the performance and presentation outfits were much better than the red carpet. Or at least I hope so. Without further ado, let's get into these looks.
(Disclaimer: All photos were found via google. I do not own the copyrights to any photo featured on this post. These are my opinions. Please do not take offense. It's not that serious. Thanks.)

Ciara looked lovely on the left. Her hair was great and makeup subtle.

Then we have Tamar Braxton on the right with our first wtf look. I mean really though this dress is not flattering at all. It just looked like she was trying way too hard. Complete miss to me.

Kevin Hart. What happend? Love you guy you are super silly but I must raise my eye brow on this look. However his skin looked really smooth on stage. Was makeup involved? If so it looked nice.

LaLa Anthony looked great! I am loving this glitter jumpsuit with the side braid. I thought she looked gorgous. Her makeup could have been a bit more bold for me but other than that I love it. Work!

Ummm Mr. Dupree, what goes on here? I mean I can't figure out if your going to an award show or to a golf course with some older men. Just saying. Sorry sir but you missed the swag train with this look.

Chaka Khan girl you look good. I hope I end up looking like this at some point in life. She looks fierce! This to me is what fabulous really looks like. Just sexiness! Work!

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. I don't even feel like going into this. We all obviously see the clear and present ratchetness that is happening in this photo. Let's just leave it at that.

Elle Varner. I love this look on her. Very cute and sleek. The paisley print pattern is rather busy but other than that I love the whole look. Work!

                             Diggy Simmons looking young and privilaged. Yup that sums this up.

The little men of Mindless Behavior. They looked pretty cute. Got the all black working. Makes me wonder though how hot they had to be in all this black. Makes me sweat thinking about it.

Melissa Ford and Flo Rida don't look half bad. Well okay she looks great, he looks like he's about to go to a revival. That pastel blue doesn't do it for me but he doesn't look terrible either. Good job guys.

Oh! 2 Chainz you could be dressed in royal garb and you would STILL look ratchet. Looking pretty hood rich in this Versace.
                                                          So Tyga. I cant. I just can't do it.

So here is what seems to be everyone's favorite photo of the night. Bey and Jay and Kim K. and Kanye. How cute everything rhymes. Rolling eyes. Anyway you can see some of Beyonce in her Stephane Rolland gown but you can't see the unfortunate Givenchey sandals she was wearing. We can also see the bland Jay-Z and Kanye mucking it up whilst Kim sits there in her ever boring white dress looking slightly out of place. This whole situation bores me. Moving on.

Oh Tatiana Ali. Usually you look so lovely and such. But what is this? This yellow skirt with peplum looks really cheap. The fabric is bad the color is blah. She has such a great figure for this outfit. I also want to say i didn't care for her makeup either. I don't know I think her team just missed completely with this one. Hope they do better next time.

Tocarra you are entirely too gorgeous and beautifully built to cover your curves in this. I believe it's a Gucci ensemble she's wearing and no offense to either party this does not suit her. It's so busy I don't know what to look at. Next time grab something that hugs those curves and shows off that bust girl! You got it so you must flaunt it.

Now Keri Washington you are my girl! I love her just not in this outfit. The color of the top is bad not to mention the fit. I like the belt but all in all I have to say this was a miss. Sorry girl.

And that just about sums up the BET Awards 2012 hits and misses for me. There are several others who looked questionable who are not mentioned. As well as others who looked great who were not mentioned. These were my thoughts on the photos from the night. Hope you guys enjoyed this. Until next time...Smooches!


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    1. Thanx sweetie! I'll definately have a look at your link=)

  2. i dig the paisley pattern, but it is too much fabric; would be interesting to see as a cocktail dress.

    oh flo rida.... sigh.